Show Me the Graphs!

  • School Year: 2015-2016
  • Applicants: Kathy Hardesty, Lead Teacher
  • School: Smith, Norfeldt
  • Subjects: Math, Technology

T1-73 Graphing Calculators and Coordinate boards will be purchased for use by grades 4th and 5th Math Quest students at Norfeldt and Smith Elementary Schools. The T1-73 supports data analysis and plotting and graphing and will enhance the Common Core units of algebra, geometry, and statistics and lead to greater mathematical achievement. Integrating graphing calculators in class will have a positive effect on students’ attitudes toward learning by fostering their engagement in the subject matter while increasing confidence in their abilities to do mathematics. Students will draw deeper conceptual understanding from their work with the calculators. Their knowledge and success with be evaluated through journal writing and end-of-unit assessments relating to geometry, algebra and statistics units.

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