Stacy Murray Grant: Yoga in the Classroom

  • School Year: 2014-2015
  • Applicants: Rebecca Pauluk, Lead Teacher
  • School: Duffy
  • Subjects: Physical Health Education

This grant funds 2 DVDs, “Seated 1” and “Seated 2” as well as “Yoga Pretzel” cards that will be utilized by the entire Duffy Elementary School to help the students learn and incorporate stress reduction methods such as yoga into their daily lives. The DVDs are 20 minute sessions that can be done sitting and so provide a nice break without getting everyone out of their chairs. The yoga pretzel cards show and teach different yoga poses designed for children. These are used when there is a need for a quick break or there isn’t enough time for a 20 minute video. Studies have shown programs such as these are helpful in getting students calmer, more attentive and more relaxed.

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