Stephens Cubbage Family Grant: Skype Artist In Residence

  • School Year: 2014-2015
  • Applicants: Robert Loebell, Lead Teacher
  • School: Hall High School
  • Subjects: Visual Arts

This grant will allow art students at Hall High School to get to know and work with Adrian Goliner, a contemporary artist, using Skype over the course of a year. As the students become familiar with Goliner’s work and talk about ideas in contemporary art - specifically ideas about drawing, they will initiate their own projects and consult with Mr. Goliner regarding ideas and direction, materials, and problems via periodic Skype sessions. While developing their own work, students will also observe Mr. Goliner’s work evolve and have a glimpse of what the career of a professional artist is like. The project will culminate in the spring when Mr. Goliner will be in residence at Hall for a week during which students will present their work for feedback and exhibit the work in the school art show.

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