Steve and Kathryn Deane Family Grant: Empowering Young Mathematicians

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Sharon Snow, Lead Teacher
  • School: Wolcott
  • Subjects: Math

The goal of this grant is to create a library of engaging math games for children to check out just as they would a library book! Games are displayed and made available to students in the school’s library as well as at the Hillcrest Area Neighborhood Outreach Center, where many of our students attend an after school program. Games are available for all students K-5 to check out, play at home and ultimately return. These strategic math games are based on the WHPS curriculum and cataloged and labeled for easy identification based on skills and concepts.This catalogue also includes a digital component so teachers can readily access specific mathematical skills for students and make targeted recommendations for them. Using the manipulatives and tools included in the games help students hone their skills and connect ideas so they gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.This skill building library supports teachers in their quest to grow students' mathematical understanding and continues our valuable partnership with our families. Getting children involved in mathematical thinking that reinforces vital mathematical ideas outside of school helps to bridge the ever-widening achievement gap.

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