The Cullina Family Grant: Out of the Landfills; from Scrap Metal to High Level Artistry with Silas Finch.

  • School Year: 2015-2016
  • Applicants: Nicole Maldonado, Lead Teacher Rachael Martinelli (Hall High School) Pam Murphy
  • School: Sedgwick Middle School
  • Subjects: Visual Arts

This grant will introduce Sedgwick Middle School students to a new way of thinking about Visual Art through a residency with a significant, current Connecticut artist, Silas Finch. Silas is a sculptor who works with all metal fragments, pieces, parts, scraps, and found objects. These objects are given new identities and are reconnected to a new whole. That is, the objects transcend their strictly utilitarian purpose and become true works of art as sculpture. Silas Finch will speak to the classes and familiarize them with the history of the “STEAM PUNK” movement, his work and path to establishing himself as an artist through life experiences. Students will make connections to current day life and history and will also learn the importance of refinement and craft while being challenged to assemble metal objects together without the use of a welding tools or a blowtorch. They will have access to contemporary artist Silas Finch’s skills and decades of experience in creating these magical and thought provoking sculptures. Silas will also spend one day with a group of Hall High School students collaborating ways to design lessons based on Steam Punk Art as a way to enrich experiences for a group of special needs students. Students will to gain experience from an established sculptor and learn to make modifications to support the success and creativity of special needs students.

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