These Little Lights of Mine

  • School Year: 2017-2018
  • Applicants: Rebecca Pauluk, Lead Teacher
  • School: Duffy
  • Subjects: Science

Mike Couette of Experiential Educators of Connecticut will visit fourth graders at Duffy Elementary School to increase their knowledge of light as a form of energy. There will be four sessions set up across the school year to coincide with light instruction units in fourth grade. Additionally, each session will include a one-hour presentation from Experiential Educators of Connecticut. Students will conduct experiments in class to learn more about how light travels, as well as the many properties of light, and be exposed to prisms, lasers, and spectrometers. This grant will provide a unique opportunity for students to have experiences with equipment such as spectrometers, lasers, and color paddles, in addition to an expert in the field who can broaden perspectives already outlined in the curriculum.

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