Thomas Ford Memorial Grant: Natural Photography

  • School Year: 2017-2018
  • Applicants: Cathy Fagan, Lead Teacher Joshua Ranaudo
  • School: Wolcott
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Language Arts, Science

Fourth graders at Wolcott Elementary School will have a creative, hands-on learning experience with cameras while exploring various scientific aspects of water to better understand the water cycle and conservation. During the course of a week, students will have daily hour-long instruction from photographer Craig Norton that will tie together visual arts and the 4th grade science curriculum. They will be taught how to handle and operate digital cameras that will be provided by Mr. Norton. Then they will use the cameras to photograph the different aspects of water. When possible, they will visit natural habitats such as marshes, lakes or rivers to capture the environments from both scientific and artistic perspectives. On the last day of the residency, students will each have three photographs added to a group display and Mr. Norton will provide feedback.

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