Tom & Carol Lorenzo Grant: Leveling the Playing Field

  • School Year: 2019-2020
  • Applicants: Lori Foote, Lead Teacher & Jessica Blitzer (Conard)
  • School: Conard High School
  • Subjects: Other

Leveling the Playing Field is a project being created to assist first-generation (college) students from the Class of 2023 at Hall and Conard and their families by giving them the tools and information needed to participate in a successful post-secondary planning process. First-generation students and families do not have the benefit of past post-secondary planning experiences, and thus lack the awareness of what the process will be like, the vocabulary necessary to understand the process, awareness of the financial aid process, or simply the importance of selecting courses that will enable them to make the most out of their high school transcript. This program is designed to be more targeted in helping give these students and their families the necessary tools and information to help them be more involved, engaged, and feeling more confident throughout high school and throughout the post-secondary planning process. At the very least the hope is to give students and families the "starter package" to what is to come which will allow them to be fully prepared. In the end, we want to remove the barriers to a quality education and key information for the post-secondary process -Leveling the Playing Field.

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