Tom & Carol Lorenzo Grant: South Korea ~ Technology Today and the Art of Lantern Making

  • School Year: 2018-2019
  • Applicants: Kelly Smurthwaite, Lead Teacher
  • School: Bristow Middle School
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Technology

Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project (KSCPP) will spend a day with 6th and 7th-graders at Bristow Middle School. This traveling group from New York City visits schools to provide information to students about South Korean culture and history; the culminating project for this visit will be to create beautiful lanterns as a group project and the students will get to enjoy Korean food and literature while the lanterns are drying. The KSCPP presentation also touches on the technology advancements in South Korea, so students in both technology and art classes will get to be a part of this grant in action. After being a part of this presentation, students will have a greater understanding of South Korea & its history, connect their curriculum points about China and India to South Korea, and be able to expand their appreciation of art and technology in other countries.

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