Tresselt Family Grant: Above and Beyond 2024

  • School Year: 2023-2024
  • Applicants: Anna Swierczynski
  • School: School Engagement Program
  • Subjects: Social Emotional Learning

All students at the School Engagement Program will have the opportunity to go above and beyond in their education and learn outside the walls of our building by participating in seven, 45-minute group sessions with a facilitator. These group sessions will incorporate team building to support increasing collaboration, self confidence, and guide students to think outside of the box in brainstorming possible solutions to problems/tasks. Students will encounter various challenges with diverse and, at times, limited resources. Together they will strategize on how best to accomplish tasks and learn to encourage each other and collaborate so they can successfully complete the challenge. Students will take on new roles as leaders, communicators, risk takers and partners in learning how to persevere, be patient and accomplish their individual and group goals. As a final challenge, students will have the opportunity to visit a ropes course where a facilitator, along with their teachers, will challenge them to heights that they have never seen before.

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