Triumph Engine Control Systems Grant: NGSS creating future scientists

  • School Year: 2022-2023
  • Applicants: Karen Bridges, Lead Teacher
  • School: Whiting Lane
  • Subjects: Math, Science

5th graders at Whiting Lane will experience 4 different programs. A Chem-Mystery - Someone altered the water for our experiment! Students will put their sleuthing skills to the test and investigate what occurs when different substances are combined. They will look for evidence of chemical reactions and identify the unique properties of newly formed products to help solve the chem-mystery!

Water, Water, Everywhere - Crash! We’ve landed on a strange planet, and we need to find freshwater fast. Students will help us locate and extract water from different sources, and devise methods to clean contaminated freshwater.

Where Does the Water Go? - Water has a major role in shaping the Earth's surface. Students will create their own landscape topography to investigate the flow of water and how it shapes landforms over time.

Storm Trackers - Hold on tight, meteorologists—a hurricane is forming! Students will predict where the storm will go next as they seek patterns in the paths of monster storms from the past. They will collect your own wind and rainfall data to guide your forecast.

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