West Hartford Chamber of Commerce and Westfarms Mall Grant: Introducing Micro-Businesses

  • School Year: 2017-2018
  • Applicants: Anna Elfenbaum, Lead Teacher
  • School: Hall High School
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Math, Science, Other

This grant will allow Hall High School students to create several micro-businesses during the Vocational Skills and Activities of Daily Living classes. Students will be able to develop additional skills and behaviors that are integral for real-world job opportunities and community involvement. Two of the proposed micro-businesses are: cultivating, packaging, and selling microgreens and herbs; and creating, marketing, and packaging personalized embossed greeting cards. The projects supported by this grant go above and beyond the current vocational offerings by providing multi-level tasks for students that can be implemented at different levels, such as development of ideas, creation of products, and sales and marketing. Students will be assigned to different micro-business projects based on abilities and interest level and will be able to cycle through during the year. Once implemented, the aim is to have these microbusinesses be self-sustaining so that money collected by these businesses will purchase additional supplies to keep these microbusinesses going well into the future.

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