West Hartford Education Association Grant: Our Home Language Library!

  • School Year: 2023-2024
  • Applicants: Joseph Tavera, Lead Applicant and Silvia Lopes, Elysha Green
  • School: Webster Hill
  • Subjects: Language Arts, World Language, Diversity/Equity

How do you engage a reader whose native language is not English? Webster Hill creates an environment where all of our students are celebrated. In an effort to put books in the hands of all of our students and foster biliteracy, we have created a growing collection of bilingual books for students and families to enjoy together. Students, families, and teachers who visit our Library Media Center may borrow these books. We believe the availability of these books sends a clear message to families that we value their language and culture. When students have strong literacy skills in their native language, this creates the best conditions for the acquisition of a second language.

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