West Hartford SEPTO Grant in honor of Glenn McGrath: Bringing an alternative English class into the future…

  • School Year: 2016-2017
  • Applicants: Elisabeth Peterson, Lead Teacher
  • School: STRIVE
  • Subjects: Language Arts

This grant funds the purchase of one SMARTBOARD for the use of the English classes at STRIVE, the alternative high school program. Children learn through visual, auditory and kinesthetic means and the SMARTBOARD has unique capabilities to accommodate multiple learning styles and varying physical and mental capabilities. This technology will help to academically engage and challenge students to want to achieve success. The ninth and tenth grade students will be motivated to improve grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, reading and writing through more visual and physical lessons. The eleventh and twelfth grade students will be able to enhance their writing through research and by connecting visually and auditorily with other states and countries. Working in multiple modalities, students will be motivated to learn and practice new concepts and enhance their ability to share their thinking and learning and demonstrate their proficiency using technology.

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