Wheels to Social-Emotional Wellness

  • School Year: 2014-2015
  • Applicants: Sharon Mogel, Lead Teacher Amy Landers (Hall), Chris Bivona (Hall), Amanda Williams (Hall)
  • School: Morley, Hall High School
  • Subjects: Physical Health Education

This grant facilitates a high school/elementary school face to face experience in which Hall High School students, having been trained in a program within their school, visit with 5th graders at Morley Elementary School to conduct antibullying groups. Through presentation, discussion and role-play, the older students “teach” and provide the younger students with important information, advice and strategies to better understand the nature of bullying and what we can do to address it. While the younger students are learning about socialemotional wellness within their curriculum, this program has proven to be a valuable addition to better educate, prepare and empower students to combat bullying behavior and “stick up” for themselves and others.

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