Women's Health Specialty Care Grant: A CT Native Shares a Path Less Traveled: Artist Residency with Sculptor, Silas Finch

  • School Year: 2016-2017
  • Applicants: Nicole Maldonado, Lead Teacher Katie Knight, Anthony Billard
  • School: Sedgwick Middle School
  • Subjects: Visual Arts

Silas Finch will be an Artist-In-Residence for a total of five (5) days at Sedgwick Middle School, with two days for presentations as well as dedicating a full day to each grade level in the school. Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades will engage in a demonstration with Silas and learn about his past work and exhibitions, his inspirations, and how he uses old and new materials to create new and unique pieces of art. Each class will be working on the same antique boat and add to the work of the previous classes using pictures from “Life Magazine” and utilizing the decoupage method to augment the boat. Once each class has completed their part, Silas will construct the final sculpture using pieces that all students will have had a hand in creating. The final product will be displayed at WHPS’ annual town-wide art show celebration at the West Hartford Art League.

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