Named Grant Program

The Foundation will name a grant for your family, business or memory of someone special of your choosing with a gift of $1,000 or more. At the end of the grant cycle, your gift will be matched up with an awarded grant and your Named Grant will be published on all correspondence regarding awarded grants. The Named Grant program is a wonderful opportunity for supporting the Foundation and the students and teachers of the West Hartford School District while honoring those that are meaningful to you.

"We are very blessed to have this very well educated community. So it was my way of giving back to the community."
 - Jim Carroll, Owner of JP Carroll Roofing and sponsor of the J.P. Carroll Construction Grant

We are unable to guarantee that your named grant be tied to a specific school or subject matter. However, donors with gifts of $2,000 or more will be contacted by the Foundation with a selection of grants to support.

In Perpetuity

A one-time gift of $20,000 or more entitles the donor to a Named Grant in Perpetuity. 

All named grant donations support the mission of the Foundation and even though your name is associated with one specific grant, your generosity ultimately allows for the implementation of all Foundation grants.

For more information on our Named Grant Program, please contact the Foundation via the Contact Us form or 860-561-8755.

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